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Cow Mats

Promat Pasture Mat Floor Mats-Stalls Promat Pasture Mat Floor Mats-Stalls

A comfortable cow is more likely to be healthy, productive and free of the stress caused by continuous discomfort.

Pasture Mat provides a stall surface that is resilient - matching natural turfgrass - without the bounce or sponginess of artificial materials. It provides a firm footing for your cows with no pillowing inwards and is an ideal surface for bedding materials such as chopped straw, wood shavings or sawdust.

Unlike competitive mats, Pasture Mat also takes into account one vital and relatively unknown aspect of cow physiology. In the process of lying down the animal actually freefalls the last 10 to 12 inches. As you can image, the impact of 1,400+ pounds of bodyweight hitting a concrete floor is considerable. The fact is, sooner or later she's going to end up with festering sores for that constant abrasion.Pasture Mat is shock absorbent, thereby eliminating the risk of injury.

Pasture Mat's blend of components, crumb, size, degree of compaction and methods of assembly are the result of long, careful hours of observation and on-farm testing throughout Ontario.The result is revolutionary new cow mat that will not tear, stretch, deform or lose its resilience - and is also totally unaffected by urine, feces and the daily rigors of heavy use.

Pasture Mat is installed quickly and easily - right on top of the existing concrete base. Saving you time and money. You don't throw away investment you've already made into your stalls.

The "lifetime turf" nature of the Pasture Mat means you use less bedding material - Pasture Mat is the equivalent of at least three inches of bedding. You bed for hygiene, not comfort, and change the bedding less often. And because Pasture Mat retains its shape, bedding materials won't collect in heavy, hard to shift pools of urine and feces at the aisle sides of your stalls.

Field tests in working barns prove that Pasture Mat reduces the cost of bedding and amount of labor needed to maintain clean stalls.

Animat Rubber Floor for Dairy Animat Rubber Floor for Dairy

After more than 30 years of research and development, Animat continues to seek ways to improve cow comfort and productivity by producing the highest quality rubber flooring. Over the years, Animat has invested millions of dollars developing and manufacturing cow mats that meet the specific requirements of today’s dairymen and all the technological advances in the industry today.

Animat rubber flooring is an excellent solution for :
  • Holding areas
  • Parlors
  • Stalls
  • Alleys
Animat's cow mats for dairy cow provides optimal comfort for your herd. It also offers the best quality/price ratio on the market due to the unique design, product research and development, and manufacturing techniques utilized at Animat.

Animat Slated Rubber Flooring for Beef Animat Slated Rubber Flooring for Beef

Animat slat rubber is a proven key ingredient for the success of your cattle feeding program. Animat has the ability to cover any slat configuration that you may have at your facility. Our team at animat along with our outstanding dealer network can provide quick and easy solutions for covering your existing or new cattle confinement building with rubber flooring. We have the possibility of a custom cut solution to fit all areas; sorting pens, bud boxes, alleys, chutes and exit lanes.

  • better traction for the animals geting up or lying down
  • cushion from the hard concrete surface thus minimizing swollen front knees and hocks
  • increased weight gains as cattle tend to show improved feed conversions on rubber vs concrete
  • producers are able to finisher cattle quicker as they reach the target weight sooner on rubber vs. concrete
  • producers are also able to purchase lighter cattle as the rubber flooring allows cattle to be on slats longer with no adverse affects in performance
  • Animat has a direct and immediate impact on the lameness rates at your facility

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